Thursday, October 8, 2009

16 days

16 days until the craft fair. I did have everything cut out and ready to sew, that is until I went to our local fabric store to pick up a few supplies. While there, I found some super cute fabrics that I just had to buy.

I used those cute fabrics to make these items on Tuesday:

4 diapers and wipes holders. I especially love the deer print. (These fabrics will also be used to make toddler bibs.)

And here are the items I finished yesterday:

4 wash cloths and 4 burp rags backed with chenille.

I have the following things cut out and waiting to be sewn:
6 toddler bibs
4 receiving blankets
5 infant bibs
3 aprons and matching pot holders
2 crayon rolls
Time permitting, I would also like to make atleast one each of:
Lamb doll
Puppy doll
Bumblebee doll
Mae doll
Butterbean doll
(Can you tell thatI love the great patterns from Bit of Whimsy?)

Also, finished these today:
2 toddler bibs

Christmas themed apron and potholder


Tiffany said...

I can't wait to see a picture of EVERYTHING together! I'm also wanting to try and sell some stuff at a craft fair. Having a hard time finding anywhere around my area! I hope you do good and am ready to hear how you do! :) Keep up the good work. PS, I have that fabric for the wash cloth, the one with the elephants and horse!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Tiffany! That's a great idea (to photograph all of the items together).