Saturday, April 3, 2010

Month 2 of Bag Making

Realizing that I have many bag projects lined up, I have decided to do another Month of Bag Making.  Here goes...

Month 2 of Bag Making project 1: Knitting Tote


Front pocket opens and houses needles and notions:

UPDATED WITH NEW PHOTO!!! The bag expands with a drawstring top to hold even more yarn:

I originally made some mistakes when assembling the bag.  I decided to take it apart and fix the problems with the drawstring area. 

I used the Knit & Go Girl Knitting Set pattern from Wired Up Designs.  (I love their slogan: "These aren't your mother's patterns") Next, I'll be working on the the other 2 parts to the bag set: project bag & deluxe needle roll.  I can't wait to finish this set and use it!


Sara said...

Wow, this bag is really genius! I love the fabric colors you chose, especially that main fabric. That has got to be the most useful bag I have ever seen. Thanks so much for entering my handbag pattern giveaway! :-)

SueC56 said...

Very cute fabric! I'm in the process of making my first bag set right now.


SueC56 said...

Stephanie, I'm having problems with the top drawstring part, too. I don't understand the geometry/construction. I can see how it looks completed, but am stumped on the assembly.


SueC56 said...

Whew! I got it figured out. There were three spots in the directions that stumped me, esp as I'd never made a bag before. I'll have it up on my blog eventually.