Sunday, September 5, 2010

I-Spy Fabric Swap FINISHED!

Swap 1 was mailed out on time and hopefully everyone (in the US) has already received their package.  Swap 2 was a bit delayed, but are in the mail!


traceyjay said...

I got my package yesterday. Thanks again for the hard work Stephanie. :)

emarie said...

I got mine too. My thanks too for all your time and hard work. Hope you enjoy your holiday.

Katherine said...

Hey Stephanie can you believe that MY package arrived today!!! That is super quick!!! Thanks so much!!

p.s when you did your i spy quilt from did you get the rows lined up so well?

p.s my word verification is hoterst. That must apply to both of us! hehe

Tristen said...

I hope it went off without a hitch! Is that not just completely fun?? A lot of work but I can't believe how fun it was to get so many delicious packages in the mail! I might never have that again, but perhaps I could start another swap!

sang said...

Yay, I got my package! The squares are super duper cute...I love em. Thanks again for all your hard work and help. sang(at)gci(dot)net

Tara said...

I just finished my I-Spy Quilt using the squares from the swap.
Here's the finished product:

Thanks again for all your hard work!