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Reversible box tote

I stitched up this Reversible Box Tote earlier this week.
Very Shannon sells lovely knitting patterns. She generously offers up this tote (and this one) for free! This pattern is very easy and can be completed in an afternoon. It's great for beginners!

 It perfectly fits 2 Big Cakes (or similar) yarn. It's roomy, yet a nice size to take on trips or just tote from room to room in your home.

 These handy little bags could be used for so many things! With stiffer interfacing, they would make unique magazine holders. Or what about toy bins for the kiddos? And course, they would look fabulous holding other crafting supplies, too!
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Friday Finds

As I try to get back into the habit of blogging, I thought it would be fun to start something new:
Friday Finds Here I'll share some of my favorite patterns (new and old), fabric, shops, ideas, and/or other crafty stuff that catches my eye.

First up, check out these BEAUTIFUL creations from Crocheting With Altitude! In addition to baby items, she sells hats, blankets, decor, and more. I originally spotted her work on a FB group for items handmade in Colorado. Her page notes that she also welcomes custom orders.

And here is my favorite bag pattern: the 241 Tote from (and on FB)
I've made at least 6 of these bags (here, here, and here). Pictured is the one I kept for myself. I made it over 6 years ago and it still looks great. The pattern is easy to follow, because Anna does a fantastic job of explaining each step in the process. I think it's suitable for beginners and can be made in a weekend (or less).

If you're looking for beautiful, one-of-a-kind, lov…


In the last 5 years, I had done very little sewing and even less purchasing of fabric/patterns/supplies. Since our move back to Colorado earlier this year, I've been sewing again. There are two things I've noticed...

Cotton prices have gone up (and it's harder to find great bargains on fabric).
The number of pattern makers has increased quite a bit.

When we made our move here, we had a huge sale and I sold all but 2 pieces of fabric and most of my sewing supplies. Since I hadn't been sewing much and we had to downsize to fit in our new space, so it seemed like a good idea. Now I'm trying to build a small fabric stash. I'm fortunate to live near a few local quilting and fabrics stores. It is so much fun to see all of the new designs available! And who doesn't want a reason to shop for fabric?

I'm also now using a 1970's sewing maching that belonged to my grandma and mom. It's a Singer 258. This machine is simple, heavy, durable, and could probab…

Zipper pouches, Etsy, Colorado, and more

It's been such a long time. We're now living back in Colorado (yay!!!) and I've started sewing again. We don't live in the mountains like before, but we're a short drive from them. We are LOVING it here. As a huge bonus we live near some dear friends that we've known for years; and a little car trip gets us to friends and family in the Springs.

My above-mentioned dear friend, Tanya, has an Etsy store called Tatiana's Corner. There she sells beautiful cards, scrapbook layouts, and more! Here are just a few examples...

 With some gentle nudging, I recently joined her store to sell my zipper pouches, sewing needle/pin holders, dish scrubbies, and (eventually) more. Here are my recent projects for sale:

We're hoping to add crochet and knit beanies before fall, too. I'm especially excited to knit more of these Colorado beanies to sell.         

I've also found a little time to do some personal sewing and a little bit of knitting. I've made a few…

Sewing again

After more than a year of barely looking at my sewing machine, I finally started planning, cutting fabric and sewing again. I have missed my favorite hobby so much. Of course, there are 3 awesome reasons that I don't have much time for sewing...

In a flurry of stitching, I have whipped up several items lately.

Fat Quarter Tote Bags - these are quick, easy and fun to make!

A 241 Tote... I think this is the 6th one I've made. It's a well-written pattern that works up pretty quickly. I really like the size/shape/functionality of these totes.

Flannel pillowcases for my big boys. My boys picked out the fabrics and so they LOVE their new one-of-a-kind pillowcases. These are enjoyable to make and are really quick.

Weighted pincushion and organizer (and thread catcher). I should have made this years ago. This is SO handy! In addition to being free standing, the thread catcher bag also attaches to the organizer.

Check out this cute Bella Clutch. I used the free pattern from Clover…

Project Linus

I found out about Project Linus a few months ago through a blog I follow. After learning about the organization I decided I'd like to become one of their blanketeers. I was very excited to find out that a chapter would be opening in my town soon (it opened in April)! Since then I have been sewing away and have the following blankets to donate:

San Francisco Window Boxes Baby Quilts

Scrap Color Baby Quilts

36" square baby blankets (cotton front, minky back)

Self-binding receiving blankets

45" square receiving blankets (flannel front & back)

No-sew fleece blankets (these are so simple - you just need 2 pieces of fleece, a ruler and some scissors!)

I enjoyed meeting with my local coordinator for the first time today. Some of these blankets will be donated to help families affected by the Waldo Canyon Fire and the rest will go to a local hospital. I hope to become more involved with this organization as my local chapter grows.

If you like to sew, knit, crochet or even tie n…

Birthday quilts

My sister Rileigh recently turned 21 and I wanted to make her a bright quilt for her birthday. I decided on a Color Brick Quilt made with Amy Butler fabric and linen.

And for my mom's birthday I settled on a Pinwheel Sampler Quilt. I added an extra row of blocks to make it longer. My triangle points are not perfect, but I'm otherwise happy with how this turned out.