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Bitty Bug Dolls

I started out thinking I would make 2 of these Bitty Bug Dolls (1 boy version, 1 girl version) for our baby due in a few months. However, my son had a different idea.  He decided he wanted the first one I made (brown with dots).  In total, I've made 3 of these now in the last day.

They are super quick and easy to make and are from the Bitty Bug pattern from Bit of Whimsy.

Christmas stockings

We will be needing an extra Christmas stocking next year and I've been wanting to replace the one we have for our son. So... I decided to make 2 stockings from fabric I bought last Christmas.

These are super quick and easy to make!  Here's how:
Trace a stocking you already have adding in 1/4" all around for seam allowances.  This will be your pattern (or find a pattern online).  Using the pattern cut out 2 pieces of fabric for lining, 2 pieces of fabric for the outside and 2 pieces of fusible fleece.  Iron fleece to the wrong side of both outside fabric pieces.  With right sides together, sew the outside pieces together.  Do the same for the lining (minus the fusible fleece), but leave a 3" opening one one side (to later turn the stocking right side out).  Cut an 8" x 2" piece of fabric to hang the stocking OR use a piece of ribbon approximately 1/2" wide by 8" long.  If using fabric to hang the stocking, fold this piece in half lengthwise & …

Diaper Bag

In a few months we'll be needing a diaper bag, so I whipped this up over the last few days.  I used the Go Mama! Diaper Bag pattern.  It is a well-written pattern and the bag was easy to make!  Here it is:

It has a pockets on the front, a zippered pocket on the backside, elastic pockets on the sides and pockets inside.  I really like how it turned out & hope it serves it's purpose well!


I can't say enough how much I LOVE Bit of Whimsy doll patterns.  They are well written & the dolls come together quickly.  LikeBit of Whimsy on facebook to get in on some great deals for their 12 Days of Christmas special.

Here are my 2 latest creations from the patterns-

Rose Doll

Daddy Frog Doll

Dolls previously made by me from Bit of Whimsy patterns-
Butterbean Doll (here, here, here)
Mae Doll (here)
Bumble Bee Doll (here, here)
Lamb Doll (here, here, here)
These are great patterns if you're looking for some quick and easy Christmas gifts!  The patterns are e-mailed to you quickly in PDF format so you can get started on them right away.

Sock Monkey Slippers

I can't wait until after Christmas to share these on my blog...

Felted Sock Monkey Slippers for my husband, myself & my son.  This is the project I am most proud of this Christmas and I can't wait to see my son & husband open these gifts.

Interested in making these yourself?  As far as the PATTERN goes, I really like it.  I learned a few new knitting techniques to make the slippers.  Overall I would say these are at the advanced beginner/intermediate level.  They work up REALLY fast, which is nice.  I was able to knit each slipper in a day or less. The pattern comes as an e-mailed PDF, so you can get started on them right away!

Christmas projects

A few more completed Christmas projects...

Felted slippers (pattern HERE) - these are quick, fun and easy to make

No-sew fleece blanket

Drawstring toy bag - This is the perfect fabric for the castle blocks that are inside.

I've made 3 of these knit hats (pattern HERE)

I am also working on some very special slippers that I can't wait to share on here after Christmas.