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Woodland Tale Longies

My knitting plans have been a bit derailed this month with some family issues and home renovation. I have finished my 4th project this month, though: Pair of longies (pants knit from wool yarn) for my son

Knit with Mosaic Moon colorway Woodland Tale on Montana Targhee wool yarn and from the Itchy Fingers pattern. I LOVE the colors in this yarn!

Close-up to show the colors

My wavy scarf

Month of knitting project 3:
Kudo Wavy Scarf (pattern from my local yarn shop), made from green/blue Plymouth Kudo yarn. I LOVE IT!!!


Hudson Hat for Troy

I went ahead and gave my husband the rasta hat already... but I am giving him this Hudson Hat for his birthday. I hope he likes it!

Rasta Hat for Troy

Finally finished up this hat for my husband (but being modeled by my son)

I love the look of the hat, but it's a pain in the neck to make. Will likely not be making anymore of these!!!