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Knitting pattern tester: The Jack Sweater

In December, I signed up to be a tester for a knitting pattern.  Here is the sweater on my little boy...
It's a little big, but should fit great through next winter.
It is called The Jack Sweater and the pattern will be released soon on Ravelry.  There is also a feminine version called The Jill Sweater which is super cute!  Both versions are customizable to be a sweater with or without a hood OR a jacket with or without a hood.  I really like the overall look of this sweater & can't wait to make the next one in a smaller size!

Giraffe Garden Quilt

Well, here it is...

Giraffe Garden Quilt

This is my 2nd quilt ever... a crib sized quilt for our baby due in 2 months.  I think I'm officially in love with making quilts now.

I have seen some lovely fabrics online (and at my local fabric store) that I would love to use for future quilts.  And there are MANY beautiful patterns that I'd love to try.  My biggest concern... I'm not sure if I'm up for machine quilting a larger quilt on my regular sewing machine.  I think I could probably do a twin size... but even that seems intimidating.  I'm not at the point where I'm willing to spend $100 or more to have someone else quilt it for me, either.  Any quilters out there want to share some tips/tricks for quilting larger quilts on a sewing machine?


Today I did a little work on the baby quilt.  Here I am 7 month pregnant and ready to begin quilting...

I am eager to get to the binding, because  I actually enjoy handing sewing it to the back of the quilt.  I find it oddly soothing.  (Maybe I should venture into hand quilting on my next quilt since I enjoy this part so much.)  I hope to have this quilt finished in the next few days.

Little Tote Bags

Since life will get a little hectic in a few months, I am starting to work on birthday gifts now.  Here are some tote bags for the little girls in the family-

I got the idea from Just Another Hang Up's Lil' Girl Springtime Tote Tutorial.  I ended up using canvas that I found on sale for the bag outer & handles (and therefore omitted the interfacing).  I also made mine in various sizes.  These are VERY quick, easy, fun to make... and ADORABLE!  Plus they can be a great fabric stash buster project (you can use up lots of scrap fabric).

WIP: Giraffe Garden Baby Quilt

I'm really excited about my current WIP (work in progress) and thought I would share - a baby quilt (pattern HERE) for our baby due in a few months.

The quilt top is nearly complete (I just need to add the white border).  The main print used is Michael Miller's Giraffe Garden in grey.  I saw this fabric months ago & just couldn't make up mind it if was a print I truly loved.  Plus, I wasn't sure if I wanted to make a neutral quilt for the baby now or wait until we find out gender at birth & then make a quilt.  I finally decided to buy the fabric only to realize it was no longer available at Fabricworm... or most other online shops.  Luckily I was able to find just enough of it on Etsy to make this quilt!  And despite the colors being a little out of my comfort zone (which actually look better in real life than they do in these photos), I really love how this quilt is turning out!

The accent fabrics are all prints I found locally.  I will be using cotton battin…

Butterbean Dolls

5 more Butterbean Dolls (from a Bit of Whimsy Dolls pattern) to be given as gifts...

Sylvia Sling & a wallet

My latest projects: a SYLVIA SLING & a coordinating LONG WALLET

This set is for ME.  I love the overall size of the purse, but would prefer the interior pockets to be a bit taller.  The wallet is perfect for my use featuring 6 card slots, 3 full width pockets and a large zippered pouch.  I can't wait to use these!!!

The patterns...
* The purse pattern was mostly easy to follow.  However, the thickness of fabrics made it a little tough to sew in spots.  I had a difficult time getting the gusset lined up just right & the handles were a bit of a chore to get on properly.  Overall a good pattern, but not for the beginner seamstress.
* The wallet pattern is VERY easy to follow & could be made by a beginner.  This wallet sews up quickly & has a very nice finished look.  I will definitely be making more of these!!!

Cabrio Tote Sew-Along: Intro & Step 1

I am going to be participating in the Cabrio Tote Sew Along over at Sew Spoiled.  (There is even a coupon code for the pattern on the sew along post!)  I have been eying this pattern for a while... and well, now I have no excuse not to buy it.  This amazing bag converts from a shoulder bag to a backpack, which I love!
photo from Sew Spoiled
If you'd like to join in the fun, here is the timeline for the sew along-
Gather Fabric and supplies (Step1)- - - - - - Jan. 18- Feb. 1 (2weeks)  Cut out the pieces (Step 2)- - - - - - - - - - - - -Feb. 2- Feb. 8  Straps and Outer Shell Panel gathered (Step 3-6) -- - Feb. 9- Feb. 15 Finish outer shell and make pockets (Step 7-8) - - - - - Feb. 16- Feb. 22  Magnet Clasp and Finish Lining (Step 9-11) - - - - - - Feb. 23- March 1  Finish the Tote (Step 12-14)- - - - - - - - March 2- 8
I already have the main fabric for this bag so I spent a little time yesterday buying the rest of the supplies.  I can't wait to get started!

Embellished burp cloths

Super quick and easy - embellished burp cloths for our baby due in a few months.  This is a great way to use up some scrap fabric!

Purse & accessories

My sister's birthday was on New Year's Eve.  Here are the gifts I made for her-

Purse & accessories (tissue holder, zippered pouch & key fob).

Magical Scraps

On Christmas Eve, my family & I went to Breckenridge, CO.  While there we (mainly I) visited a store called Magical Scraps.

I felt like I was in crafter's heaven!  They have some AMAZING stuff!  I love so much of what they sell and that they use fun & modern fabrics for everything!

They even have a section where they sell fabric.

I was able to control myself and only bought 1 yard of fabric (Tina Givens - Opal Owl)

Go check them out if you're ever in the area (or visit their Etsy shop)!

Plans for the New Year

Happy New Year!

I have so many crafting plans/ideas/goals for 2011.  Here is a little list of what I'd like to accomplish this year:
* Finish my Silvia Sling & make a matching walletDONE
* Make a baby gift set from some neutral fabrics
* Finish knitting a sweater for my little boy (I am pattern tester for this) DONE
* Finish knitting a pair of socks DONE
* Knit another pair of Felted Sock Monkey Slippers
* Sew a few cloth diapers for our baby due in a few months
* Embellish prefolds for our baby due in a few months DONE
* Participate in a Sew-Along or two ONE DONE
* Make a few I-Spy Quilts for the little ones in my family
* Decide if I want to make a gender neutral quilt for our baby now, or try to find the time to make one in a fabric I truly love once the baby is born DONE
* Make some bibsfor the baby once he/she is older
* Make some of these awesome Travel Duffles as gifts (and maybe even some matching luggage tags)
* Make all homemade birthday presents this year DONE WITH A…