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Scary softie

Awhile back I saw some really cute softies online. Don't know what a softie is? Check out this site Softie I asked my husband to draw up a few patterns to make some softies for our son. Here is one of the patterns he drew and the finished produc:

The end result isn't quite as cute as the pattern.
His name is Skid, short for skid mark. (LOL)

Maybe the next few will turn out better.

Can't take all of the credit...

My cousin finished the nursery for her sweet little girl. The paint job is super cute... pink and brown! We made some wall hangings out of canvases and the same fabric used to make the blanket. (Well, except for the brown with dots. We could not find the same one as used in the blanket, so we had to use a different print).

I think it turned out really well... and quite affordable. What do you think?

Another purse

For a birthday gift...

It's been awhile...

Today I completed 3 projects. Yes THREE. I haven't worked on my crafting projects in so long... it felt really nice.
First I made a super quick and easy pair of soft soled shoes for my little boy. I used the tutorial for Stardust Shoes.
Lovey for a lovely baby girl
I made myself a skirt kinda using this thrifted sheet skirt tutorial ... but made it from regular fabric instead of a sheet and made it much smaller so it wasn't so full.