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Busy, busy, busy

I will be participating in the 2nd Annual Falcon Craft Show on Saturday, October 24th. I am nervous and excited about it. I have lots of stuff in the works. So far I have completed 3 aprons and have started 2 bib/burp cloth sets. In addition to these items, I plan on making crayon rolls, baby gift sets (receiving blanket, bib, burp cloth), dolls and maybe even some oven mitts. I have most of my supplies and am ready to sew!


Nothing new, so I thought I'd share something I made in 2007 before I was pregnant with my son. It's a little scrapbook about my favorite things. Maybe it'll provide a little inspiration for those of you out there who would like to make a small, quick and easy keepsake book for yourself (or your children).

Here are the supplies I used:
Small tag shaped album (can be any shape/size)
Random scraps of scrapbook paper
Random yarn/fibers
Random rub-ons, stickers and other embellishments
Double sided tape or other adhesive (acid free/archive quality would be best)
Pen (acid free/archive quality would be best)

All of these items can be purchased pretty cheaply at Hobby Lobby, Walmart, JoAnns, etc). If anyone is interested I have LOTS of scrap paper and embellishments that I would LOVE to share with anyone wanting to make one of these books. Just leave a comment saying you'd like some goodies to make one of these books!

Get creative! Make it as classy or as funky as you&#…

Doll for Mary

I completed this doll (from a Bit of Whimsy pattern) and clothing today...

Isn't she adorable!?!?!

Doll for Amanda

I started and completed this cute little owl doll (like the one from Bit of Whimsy) today. It was easy, fast and fun to make!

I decided to create a little accessory for the doll... well, for the child who'll be receiving the doll. It's a backpack style bag that can hold the owl and a few other little things.

Andrew's Apron

I created this apron as a birthday gift for one of the guys in my family. He is, according to his wife, a bit obsessed with making the perfect salsa.

Braden's Gift Set

I finished up a baby boy gift set for a friend to give as a gift.