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Christmas projects

I have SO many Christmas projects... and less and less time until Christmas:
Knitted scarf
3 flannel blankets
1 queen size blanket
Doll & accessories
Tote bag (to go with one of the crayon rolls I made)
Crayon tote
Journal holder
Fingerless gloves
3 mini scrapbooks
? - something for my son
and I'm sure there is more that I can't remember right now. I will be quite busy this next month.

On Consignment

Several of my dolls, crayon rolls and toddler bibs...

...are now on consignment at Baby Cotton Bottoms a cloth diaper (AND MUCH MORE) store here in Colorado Springs and on the web (graphic links to their site)!

They have LOTS of neat stuff in the store that isn't even on the website yet. In addition to a wide variety of cloth diapers, they carry many beautiful baby carriers, toys, some mama supplies (nursing pads, etc), wetbags, super stylish bags, and the list goes on.
During my last visit there I snagged some diapers and...
*an AWESOME PlanetWise wetbag. They are COMPLETELY waterproof so they are great for use with wet swimsuits, leaky sippy cups, cloth diapers and so much more!
* some wonderful diaper rash cream called Rash Magic

Not only are the products found at Baby Cotton Bottoms great, but so is the customer service. Go check it out!!!
1626 West Platte Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 Store Hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am - 3pm or By Appointment
Phone: 866-77-C…

Sewing and knitting

I have two projects in the works right now.

First, a decorative mini quilt. I have been thinking about making my first quilt. However I don't really know where to start. So... I am making a small quilted mat for our coffee table. I figure this is a good way to see if I think quilting is something I would enjoy. Here is the beginning of this project...

Finished size will be roughly 27" square. It will have 9 blocks (as seen in photo) and bordered by ivory fabric. Backing will be solid black. Binding will be red. I really like the idea so far.

Interested in making a quilt? Here are some neat tutorials I found:
"a little help from my friends" scrappy string quilt tutorial
Pieced Scrap Border Quilt Tutorial
Stacked Coins Baby Quilt Tutorial
Value Quilt Tutorial
String Quilt Block Tutorial- paper-pieced method
Scatter Sunshine Scrappy Quilt Tutorial
Scruffily Quilt Tutorial
and my favorite because of the cute fabric used... How to Make Scrappy Hedgerow Blocks (tutori…

Sweet Pea Set

I posted pics of some beautiful wool yarnawhile back. I finished knitting that yarn into pants and a hat for my son:

Knit pants and hat with a matching "Sweet Pea" shirt

My little sweet pea...