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Baby t-shirt

Today I finished this t-shirt for my son to wear on his 1st birthday. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, though it's far from perfect.

Close-up of the fabric

I used Simplicity pattern #5316. It was a pretty easy pattern to follow, but I found working with a knit fabric to be a little difficult. Sewing the snap tape on was a bit of a challenge... and my thread broke MANY times. Lessons learned, I suppose.

Knit baby hat

This is an easy and quick weekend (or less) project that I finished today. It is for a sweet little girl for this summer.

I used the Ellen's Ruffled Hat pattern... but sized up to fit an older baby since the pattern is written for a large preemie to newborn size. Try it out if you're in need of a cute girly newborn hat!

Tutorial: Mobile Makeover

Last month I made a baby blanket for my cousin's baby due in May. She has an old Winnie the Pooh mobile that she wasn't planning on using because it wouldn't coordinate with the bedding. I had an idea to makeover the mobile so that it would match the blanket. It was a fun, quick project so I though I would share...

Materials & supplies you'll need:
Sewing machine (or you can sew these by hand easily)
Scraps of fabric
Paper to draw out your mobile pieces
Twine/ thick string
Polyester stuffing
Pinking shears

1) Make a template for the shape(s) you want to use on the mobile.

2) Trace the shape onto each of your fabrics

3) Cut out each shape with pinking shears

4) Since I made flowers, I used a round object to draw on the center of each flower

5) With wrong sides together (the right sides facing out) sew around the center circle, but make sure to stop leaving enough room to stuff the shape

6) Cut your string the desired length plus room to knot on both ends. Knot both end…

Dresses... my first items of clothing

Here are the first 2 items of clothing I've ever made. I didn't use a pattern... just tried to make them look like a dress I'd seen online.

The little divas...

Tutorial: Personalized Bunting

Bunting: NOUN - patriotic and festive decorations made from such cloth, or from paper, usually in the form of draperies, wide streamers, etc., in the colors of the national flag.

Materials I used:
Scraps of fabric atleast 10" x 9"
Coordinating bias tape (or you could use ribbon)
Coordinating sewing thread
1 piece of 9" x 12" felt (you may need more for a longer name)

Step 1: Cut from fabric triangles that are 9" wide with a length of 10". I cut 16 triangles for this example (double sided triangles for a 6 letter name and 1 plain triangle on each end)

Step 2: Cut out letters from the felt material. I used a fabric pencil to draw on the letters prior to cutting. This will help you to make sure the letters are a good scale compared to the triangles before cutting them.

Step 3: Pin the the letters to the triangles.

Step 4: Hand stitch (or you can use a sewing machine) the felt letters to the triangles. I chose a tan colored thread so that it would stand out a litt…


I made this apron tonight as a gift. It was my first attempt and I love how it turned out. I used this tutorial for Nana's Reversible Half Apron.

Showing both sides

Trying my hand at something new

I received a request to make some baby girl clothes. I have never made clothing, so I'm a bit nervous... but excited to try something new!

JoAnn's didn't have much of a selection on the sale patterns. There was a pattern I really wanted, but it was not in stock. I settled on this one...

Birthday buntings

I can hardly believe that soon my sweet little baby will be a year old. Where does the time go?

I found a neat idea online to make buntings to use as decoration for the birthday party. Here they are:

Small bunting to wrap around his high chair

Larger bunting to hang around the wall


I hope these are loved for many years to come.

So many projects, so little time

So here is what I'm working on in the next 2 months...

Baby girl scrapbook

Little girl purse

Birthday decor

Birthday presents - cloth cube toys

A few aprons & tote bags.

I'm sure I'll add more to the list soon. I always have ideas for things to make, but just not enough time to make them all. Such is life!

More gifts finished

Today I finished 3 items!

Birthday set
Coloring book tote and a crayon roll

I learned 2 things from this project. 1) Sometimes you just have to do your best and move on, because there is no such thing as perfection and 2) I do not think I will ever be a quilter. The minimal amount of piecing together that I had to do for the tote was tough for me.

I also finished a crib skirt for my cousin... no picture as there isn't much to see. It was made of plain brown fabric and it hangs down straight, no ruffles.

Receiving blankets

I started and finished (woo hoo!) 3 receiving blankets yesterday. They will be for my cousin's baby shower coming up next month.

Something neat to check out!

Here is a neat site a friend of mine directed me to today...

Tip Junkie