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Toddler bibs

Somehow I managed to finish these 2 toddler bibs today. The coordinating fabric along the bottoms are crumbcatchers. I just used a bib I already have as a general template.

nothing new

I have nothing new to post right now. We have guests this week so I won't be working on any projects. I will however be teaching my sister-in-law to knit! I'm excited - hopefully I'm a good teacher.

And here are some ideas for future projects...
Bunting (never knew it was called that) for my son's birthday
Hobo bag

Birthday purse

I have now completed 2 Margaret Sling Bags. I have 1 more child-sized bag to go. I had some extra tinkerbell fabric, so I whipped this one up in just a day and a half for a birthday gift:

Cute and easy fleece poncho

I made a little poncho for my son Tuesday night. It was so easy! I followed some pretty easy instructions I found online to make the poncho and to add a hood.

Happy Valentine's Day to me *added finished pics*

I rarely make anything for myself. I am ok with that, really I am, because I truly enjoy making things for others. However, I've made a purse for myself using the Fat Quarter Skrappysak pattern.

Here is the finished product!!!

Sweet baby blanket for a sweet baby girl

I made this blanket for my cousin's daughter... due to make her entrance into the world sometime in early May. I hope she enjoys it for many years to come!

Colorful crayon roll

I've been seeing these cute little crayon holders online for awhile now. I decided I would try my hand at making a few. This is the first one I've made so far. It will be for my son once he's old enough to color with crayons and not eat them. I have a few more in the works for gifts.

Here is the tutorial I used On a roll. It is really easy and fun to make.

Grow baby grow!

Here is the beginning of our garden for this year...

Mini greenhouse

Not much to see yet

Humble beginnings


Crazy cloth-diapering mama

I am one of those crazy cloth diaper using mama's.
I also like to knit.

The love of the two joined to create this:

It's a knit diaper cover made from wool yarn.

Unfortunately, I did not make it large enough... so I then made one out of this yarn:

I lightly felted it (shocked the wool with cold and hot temps to make a denser fabric). It works wonderfully!