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Goodies for knitters/crocheters

Busy, busy, busy... creating lovely things to help knitters.

My friend, Tanya, creates these beautiful stitch markers. (available HERE)

My sewing machine has been working overtime lately to stitch up these project bags. (available HERE)

Just for cat lovers...
 The medium zipper bags are the perfect size for holding (2) skeins of yarn, needles/hooks, and notions.

I really like this navy & pink floral fabric... so I made 4 bags with it.

Here are the bags I was able to finish up last night.... they will be available in our shop soon.

The bags also work well to hold toiletries / makeup / other craft supplies / etc. They are pretty fun to make. I have about 10 more to complete! If you'd like to purchase any of these, you can do so here in our Etsy shop: KNITTING/CROCHET PROJECT BAGS, STITCH MARKERS.

~Stephanie I've joined the creative team at Tatiana's Corner on Etsy!
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Pattern tester

Ravelry has groups for knit/crochet pattern testers. Last month I signed up to test 3 knit patterns. It was a lot fun.

First, I tested this cool design:
Unwind The Night Tribe Beanie (pattern on Ravelry)
(my project pages with yarn info: brown/ivory, merlot/ivory)
This pattern was already well written and easy to follow going into the testing phase. I enjoyed the pattern so much that I made two beanies! The designer was great to work with, too.

Next up are these lovely mittens:
Eloquence (pattern on Ravelry) (my project page: mittens) These were nice to knit and the pattern was easy to follow. Bobbles (on the wrist section) were new to me and a little tricky at first, but add such nice detail! After a few rounds I had the pattern down and it was rather relaxing. 
Starliner beanie - Super easy pattern and that knits up fast with this Ella Rae Chunky yarn.

This month...
I also whipped up this easy Turtleneck Dog Sweater for my girl, Lucy. (I'll link to the pattern once it's publish…

Colorado Love Beanie

I've been busy recuperating from the flu and knitting LOTS of beanies and other projects. Here is one my favorite recent knits. Presenting the Colorado Love beanie...

My husband requested I make this for one of his co-workers. I hope she likes it! 

~Stephanie I've joined the creative team at Tatiana's Corner on Etsy!

Happy New Year!

Whew... we made it through the holidays. I was able to finish all but 1 Christmas project! (That item will instead be a birthday gift.)

I had fun knitting several wearables...

And this adorable teddy bear for my middle son...
And here's the gift set I made for my mother-in-law...

I'm blown away by the generosity of people willing to give away their patterns! Many of the items here were made using free patterns. Check out my Ravelry project page to see more items I've made from free (and paid) patterns: Stephanie's Projects.

Happy knitting, sewing, and of course, Happy New Year!

~Stephanie I've joined the creative team at Tatiana's Corner on Etsy!

Knitting and sewing

It's been awhile. I've been busy with normal family life, but I've also been knitting and sewing quite a bit lately. My sewing table is a mess...
and I've definitely been spending way too much time on Ravelry! I just signed up to help a pattern designer test a knit beanie with interesting colorwork.

Several knit hats (and more) are ready for holiday gifts. I also have several beanies for sale in our Etsy shop:
 For the holidays, I whipped up several drawstring bags /reusable gift bags (also great for cosmetics and toiletries when you're traveling) to sell.

...and a few zipper pouches.

My friend & Etsy shop-mate created some lovely holiday themed handmade greeting cards , a pre-made scrapbook album, and gift tags.

*** Through the month of December, everything in our shop is 10% off!!!***

Merry Christmas!

~Stephanie I've joined the creative team at Tatiana's Corner on Etsy!

Friday Finds

This week's finds...

I'd love to try hand lettering so I can add it to my scrapbook pages. I stumbled upon the How to Hand Letter YouTube channel and website. She offers LOTS of useful on her channel, and even sells worksheets for beginners in her Etsy shop.
 I have some nice brush tips markers and hope to start practicing soon!

~Stephanie I've joined the creative team at Tatiana's Corner on Etsy!

Friday Finds

This week's Friday finds...

Faber-Castell Gelatos
This kit includes some other goodies to get you started creating mixed media art. They are in what looks like Chapstick containers, and have a creamy texture. You can color with them like crayons, and even add water for a watercolor effect. They can be used in many ways, so search for Gelatos techniques on youtube if you're interested. They can be purchased at, Michaels, in sets at Hobby Lobby, and various other stores.

Rub-ons (like these, these, and these)
They are like stickers, but I prefer the look of rub-ons. The letters are really handy, because you can create words/phrases by cutting out the individual letters you need. To apply them, you use a popsicle stick to rub them onto your scrapbook paper. They can also be placed over photos. (There are even rub-ons that resist Gelatos, distress inks, etc. so you can create cool effects with them.)

For stamping, I think a good cleaner and stamp cleaning pad are a m…