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Pouches and purses

I haven't done much personal sewing lately, because I've been working on several items for the shop.

NEW! Pencil pouches - Back to School time is right around the corner, so I thought these would be a nice addition.
(free tutorial from
NEW! Mini Messenger Bags - they are big enough for the essentials, but small enough for travel (and everyday use)!
(pattern from QuiltsIllustrated)
Zipper pouches and clutches - easily hold a smartphone, cash/cards... or cosmetics, toiletries, art supplies, or all the stuff that gets lost in the bottom of your purse. These medium pouches have SO many uses!
And I'm really excited to offer DESIGN YOUR OWN POUCH! The customer can choose the style, plus the fabric and type of zipper pull used. I have LOTS of fabric!
Whew... now it's time for a little break. ~Stephanie I've joined the creative team at Tatiana's Corner on Etsy!
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Friday Finds

This week's Friday Finds...

I'm always looking for new ideas and projects online. I might spend a little bit too much time browsing... but in doing so, I find some great stuff!

This week I found a free video tutorial for these ADORABLE metal frame clutches on Bibi Cameron's blog. She even hand-stamped the exterior fabric!
If I ever get through my large pile of projects, I would love to try making these.

PurseSuppliesRUs on Etsy offers a great selection of swivel clips, d-rings, magnetics snaps, and much more!

~Stephanie I've joined the creative team at Tatiana's Corner on Etsy!

Friday Finds

With the holiday this week and a few custom orders, this will be a short post.

Shop: DG.Collective
My cousin, Dianne, creates wrap bracelets, diffuser necklaces, soy candles, and other inspiring jewelry and accessories.

I especially like the blue diffuser necklace. If you use essential oils, make sure to check THESE out!

~Stephanie I've joined the creative team at Tatiana's Corner on Etsy!

Custom orders

Last week I received two custom order requests. The first was to make a mini messenger bag for my friend Gail. She chose this cute blue bird fabric! 

I'm really happy with how this turned out. I hope she enjoys using her pretty new bluebird bag! This mini messenger bag is approximately 10" wide, 11" tall, 1.5" deep. The inside features 5 slip pockets. I will be listing 3 bags in different prints for sale in the SHOP soon (or a custom order can be requested).

In the Etsy shop, we received a request for 2 cosmetic bags from a new customer. I really like the fabrics she selected!
This is my medium pouch at 9.25"wide x 7.5" tall. These are great for holding cosmetics, toiletries, art supplies, sewing supplies, or all that loose stuff that gets lost in the bottom of your purse. I have several made and ready to ship in the POUCH SECTION of our shop, or a custom order can be requested!

Here are the interiors:

I've really enjoyed working on these orders!

Friday Finds

Here are this week's finds. Enjoy!

Shop: Charming Maps
 My friend and I went to a small pop-up market near our homes this weekend. We were there to scope it out and see if we might want to participate next year. I was delighted to find a seller with map-themed jewelry, bookmarks, magnets, and more. The owner was really friendly and shared that she has a background in mapmaking (and welcomes custom orders). How creative and cool! She also sells on Etsy, so make sure to check out her shop! I purchased a few Colorado themed items. And though I haven't traveled to London, I was still tempted to purchase this necklace...

Handmade item: Thank You cards (set of 6)

My friend made these and I just LOVE the contrast between the stark white cards and the bold red/green/black.

Pattern: Macaroon Pouch
I really like the shape and style of these!

I've joined the creative team at Tatiana's Corner on Etsy to sell my zipper pouches and more! Enjoy this 10% off coupon for June!…

Mini Messenger Bags

My friend Tanya and I have a big problem. I love her handcrafted greeting cards (and more) and she loves the items I sew. Perhaps that's why I have a box full of lovely handmade greeting cards, and why she persuaded me to join her Etsy shop?

She recently asked me to make a few mini messenger bags. (Quilts Illustrated pattern ps010 Mini Messenger) I really like making these for a few reasons:
1) they don't use much fabric (you can even use up a lot of small scraps for the front flap)
2) they are REALLY easy (and would be great for a beginner)
3) they are quick
(plus it's fun to make something pretty and useful for a friend)

That's my kind of project! I really love how they turned out... especially this book themed bag:

The inside fabric is amazing! It looks like old library book check out cards. So cool!

The fabric for the second bag is very pretty, with a vintage feel. I love the contrast of the dark exterior to the light interior.

I've joined the creativ…

Men's toiletry bag

I recently completed this toiletry bag (generously free tutorial from Blue Susan Makes). Though it's not perfect, I really like the size and style of it.

But I have named it the Never Again Bag. Due to the foam interfacing that gives it structure, the final step of sewing it all together was a nightmare for me. And somewhere along the way, I didn't make sure the top zipper opened from the same side as the handle. At  least I got the front zipper right.

Not all sewing projects go as planned. I'm just glad I didn't already cut fabric for 3 more of these like I had planned. I now have a new process for trying new patterns. Cut out fabric for and make just ONE the first time. Then, if things go smoothly, make multiples. It only took me 10 years of sewing to come up with this great idea. Ha!

Here's a close-up of the interior fabric. I adore it! I found only a few fat quarters of it at JoAnn. I've been told they don't sell the same prints by the yard. Bummer!