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RIBBIE diaper soaker

I recently finished knitting this RIBBIE diaper soaker (cloth diaper cover).  The pattern is in the testing phase and I was excited to knit this up and give feedback.

It is a one-size fits most cover, meaning that it should fit a newborn up to a toddler nearing the potty training age.  The pattern was really easy to follow and was VERY fast to knit.  The creator of the pattern also sells the finished product.  If you'd like to buy one, go to her etsy store La Petite Krott Creations.

Here is the soaker on my 2 year old son:

I love the fit on him and because of the ribbing it has lots of room to grow (in all directions)!

Laptop Sleeve

Month 2 of Bag Making Project #6:
Laptop Sleeve (tutorial here)

This will be a birthday gift for one of my sisters.  I hope the size is right and that she likes it!

Rag Bag Tote

Month 2 of bag making project #5:
Rag Bag Tote (inspiration here, tutorial here) for a family member's birthday

Crochet project bag

Month 2 of bag making project #4:
Project bag (from the Knit & Go Girl Knitting Set pattern from Wired Up Designs).  This one is for one of my mom's neighbors.  She'll be using it for crochet projects and I hope she likes it!

Inside fabric is a solid pink. 

Sweet Pea Classy Curvy Handbag

Month 2 of bag making project #3:
Sweet Pea Classy Curvy Handbag (from this pattern, or buy it directly from the designer here)

Close-up of button & fabric


I really like how this purse turned out and can't wait to make a few more!

Knitting project bag

Month 2 of bag making project #2:
Project bag (from the Knit & Go Girl Knitting Set pattern from Wired Up Designs)

It's the perfect size to hold a ball of yarn and a small project.  The strap makes it handy to attach to the outside of the knitting bag or your wrist as you knit. 

Month 2 of Bag Making

Realizing that I have many bag projects lined up, I have decided to do another Month of Bag Making.  Here goes...

Month 2 of Bag Making project 1: Knitting Tote


Front pocket opens and houses needles and notions:

UPDATED WITH NEW PHOTO!!! The bag expands with a drawstring top to hold even more yarn:

I originally made some mistakes when assembling the bag.  I decided to take it apart and fix the problems with the drawstring area. 

I used the Knit & Go Girl Knitting Set pattern from Wired Up Designs.  (I love their slogan: "These aren't your mother's patterns") Next, I'll be working on the the other 2 parts to the bag set: project bag & deluxe needle roll.  I can't wait to finish this set and use it!

Noellaig Shorties

I have completed another pair of hand knit wool shorts (AKA shorties). 

Close-up to better show the actual colors in the yarn:

The yarn used was organic merino which is a bit thinner than I am used to, but very soft.  The yarn was dyed by Mosaic Moon and is in the Noellaig colorway.  I LOVE the colors in this!

Bibs & a Paci Clip

Tonight I finished up 2 bibs & a pacifier clip. 
Princess crumbcatcher style bib (to go with the birthday girl's onesie & birthday crown)

Patriots crumbcatcher style bib and pacifier clip