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Sewing again

After more than a year of barely looking at my sewing machine, I finally started planning, cutting fabric and sewing again. I have missed my favorite hobby so much. Of course, there are 3 awesome reasons that I don't have much time for sewing...

In a flurry of stitching, I have whipped up several items lately.

Fat Quarter Tote Bags - these are quick, easy and fun to make!

A 241 Tote... I think this is the 6th one I've made. It's a well-written pattern that works up pretty quickly. I really like the size/shape/functionality of these totes.

Flannel pillowcases for my big boys. My boys picked out the fabrics and so they LOVE their new one-of-a-kind pillowcases. These are enjoyable to make and are really quick.

Weighted pincushion and organizer (and thread catcher). I should have made this years ago. This is SO handy! In addition to being free standing, the thread catcher bag also attaches to the organizer.

Check out this cute Bella Clutch. I used the free pattern from Clover…