Monday, March 16, 2009

Tutorial: Personalized Bunting

Bunting: NOUN - patriotic and festive decorations made from such cloth, or from paper, usually in the form of draperies, wide streamers, etc., in the colors of the national flag.

Materials I used:
Scraps of fabric atleast 10" x 9"
Coordinating bias tape (or you could use ribbon)
Coordinating sewing thread
1 piece of 9" x 12" felt (you may need more for a longer name)

Step 1: Cut from fabric triangles that are 9" wide with a length of 10". I cut 16 triangles for this example (double sided triangles for a 6 letter name and 1 plain triangle on each end)

Step 2: Cut out letters from the felt material. I used a fabric pencil to draw on the letters prior to cutting. This will help you to make sure the letters are a good scale compared to the triangles before cutting them.

Step 3: Pin the the letters to the triangles.

Step 4: Hand stitch (or you can use a sewing machine) the felt letters to the triangles. I chose a tan colored thread so that it would stand out a little bit against the brown felt.

Step 5: With wrong sides together, sew each triangle with a letter on it to a plain triangle. Sew only the sides of the triangles.

Step 6: Use pinking shears to trim the sides of the triangles.

Step 7: Open the bias tape and insert the triangles. Pin in place.

Step 8: Sew the triangles to the bias tape. Sew near the open edge of the bias tape.

Step 9: Proudly display your new work of art!