Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tutorial: Mobile Makeover

Last month I made a baby blanket for my cousin's baby due in May. She has an old Winnie the Pooh mobile that she wasn't planning on using because it wouldn't coordinate with the bedding. I had an idea to makeover the mobile so that it would match the blanket. It was a fun, quick project so I though I would share...

Materials & supplies you'll need:
Sewing machine (or you can sew these by hand easily)
Scraps of fabric
Paper to draw out your mobile pieces
Twine/ thick string
Polyester stuffing
Pinking shears

1) Make a template for the shape(s) you want to use on the mobile.

2) Trace the shape onto each of your fabrics

3) Cut out each shape with pinking shears

4) Since I made flowers, I used a round object to draw on the center of each flower

5) With wrong sides together (the right sides facing out) sew around the center circle, but make sure to stop leaving enough room to stuff the shape

6) Cut your string the desired length plus room to knot on both ends. Knot both ends

7) Stuff the shape while it's still on the machine (you can remove the shape and then stuff it, too... I just did it this way to save a step)

8) Insert 1 end of string into shape

9) Sew the shape closed

10) Repeat with the other shapes/pieces

11) The mobile I was revamping had a sticker over the plastic piece that makes the mobile turn. To cover this, I traced the circle onto a coordinating piece of scrapbook paper. Then I cut the shape out with scalloped scissors. I added a decorated chipboard letter for that baby's initial on top of the paper.