Friday, December 4, 2009

Buttercup Bag

Today I finished up this cute little Buttercup Bag (free tutorial). It will be a Christmas gift for my sister's friend. I hope she likes it!

I didn't have any flat buttons to use like the tutorial shows, so I made some fabric yo-yo's (free tutorial) and added some shank buttons. I think the embellishment looks cute

About the tutorial... give it a try, it's fun and easy to follow. The bag doesn't take long to make or use much fabric either. It could easily be a weekend project (or less). My only suggestion would be to use some decor weight (or similar weight) fabric for the outside so that the bag will have a bit of structure. Or you could add some iron-on mid-weight interfacing to the outer fabric.


vanna said...

love it, totally adorable!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Vanna :)