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Bitty Bug Dolls

I started out thinking I would make 2 of these Bitty Bug Dolls (1 boy version, 1 girl version) for our baby due in a few months. However, my son had a different idea.  He decided he wanted the first one I made (brown with dots).  In total, I've made 3 of these now in the last day.

They are super quick and easy to make and are from the Bitty Bug pattern from Bit of Whimsy.

Christmas stockings

We will be needing an extra Christmas stocking next year and I've been wanting to replace the one we have for our son. So... I decided to make 2 stockings from fabric I bought last Christmas.

These are super quick and easy to make!  Here's how:
Trace a stocking you already have adding in 1/4" all around for seam allowances.  This will be your pattern (or find a pattern online).  Using the pattern cut out 2 pieces of fabric for lining, 2 pieces of fabric for the outside and 2 pieces of fusible fleece.  Iron fleece to the wrong side of both outside fabric pieces.  With right sides together, sew the outside pieces together.  Do the same for the lining (minus the fusible fleece), but leave a 3" opening one one side (to later turn the stocking right side out).  Cut an 8" x 2" piece of fabric to hang the stocking OR use a piece of ribbon approximately 1/2" wide by 8" long.  If using fabric to hang the stocking, fold this piece in half lengthwise & …

Diaper Bag

In a few months we'll be needing a diaper bag, so I whipped this up over the last few days.  I used the Go Mama! Diaper Bag pattern.  It is a well-written pattern and the bag was easy to make!  Here it is:

It has a pockets on the front, a zippered pocket on the backside, elastic pockets on the sides and pockets inside.  I really like how it turned out & hope it serves it's purpose well!


I can't say enough how much I LOVE Bit of Whimsy doll patterns.  They are well written & the dolls come together quickly.  LikeBit of Whimsy on facebook to get in on some great deals for their 12 Days of Christmas special.

Here are my 2 latest creations from the patterns-

Rose Doll

Daddy Frog Doll

Dolls previously made by me from Bit of Whimsy patterns-
Butterbean Doll (here, here, here)
Mae Doll (here)
Bumble Bee Doll (here, here)
Lamb Doll (here, here, here)
These are great patterns if you're looking for some quick and easy Christmas gifts!  The patterns are e-mailed to you quickly in PDF format so you can get started on them right away.

Sock Monkey Slippers

I can't wait until after Christmas to share these on my blog...

Felted Sock Monkey Slippers for my husband, myself & my son.  This is the project I am most proud of this Christmas and I can't wait to see my son & husband open these gifts.

Interested in making these yourself?  As far as the PATTERN goes, I really like it.  I learned a few new knitting techniques to make the slippers.  Overall I would say these are at the advanced beginner/intermediate level.  They work up REALLY fast, which is nice.  I was able to knit each slipper in a day or less. The pattern comes as an e-mailed PDF, so you can get started on them right away!

Christmas projects

A few more completed Christmas projects...

Felted slippers (pattern HERE) - these are quick, fun and easy to make

No-sew fleece blanket

Drawstring toy bag - This is the perfect fabric for the castle blocks that are inside.

I've made 3 of these knit hats (pattern HERE)

I am also working on some very special slippers that I can't wait to share on here after Christmas.

More aprons

Whew... just finished up FIVE more aprons for Christmas gifts!

I've also been knitting up a storm.  Pics to be shared after the holidays :)

Itty bitty newborn outfit

Last week I finished up this newborn outfit for our baby due in March.  It's made out of 1 ply 100Purewool yarn.  It's very soft!

Kimono Top
I was super lucky to win a free pattern from Sweet Mama Small Sugar.  You can buy a copy HERE.  It's really easy to follow and a fairly quick knit.  I just LOVE this top!
Longies (pants used as a cloth diaper cover)
I used THIS great free pattern.
I used THIS free pattern.  It was pretty easy to follow and these knit up very quickly.
I used THIS free pattern, but tweaked it a bit for the yarn & needles I was using.  It's super fast and easy!

Using the same hat & longies patterns I also made this little set:

I'm really happy with how they all turned out. I think the ivory and dark brown set will make a nice keepsake.

Crayon Rolls

I was asked by a family member to make some crayon rolls for Christmas gifts.  Here they are:

I used the Crayon Roll Tutorial from Skip To My Lou.  These are pretty quick and easy to make.  I did change the closure type.  If you want to make one of these for a younger child, try this:
STOP at the point in the tutorial where you are placing the ribbon in between the outer & inner pieces of fabric.  You'll need-
5" tall x 10" wide piece of fabric
1" x 2" hook & loop tape (commonly referred to as Velcro)
Take the fabric & fold in one short end by 1/4".  Then fold the fabric in half lengthwise & iron.  Open and fold raw ends in to center & iron.  Then fold in half again.  You will now have a strap that is 1.25" tall x 9.75" long.  Pin this where the tutorial instructs you to pin the ribbon with the raw end where you'd place the fold of the ribbon.  (I prefer the seam facing down).  Follow the rest of the tutorial.  Sew the hoo…

More Christmas Gifts

More Christmas gifts I have been working on....
Little Girl Aprons
I made these for 2 of my sisters using Kwik Sew pattern 3787.  The pictures don't do justice to these super cute aprons.  They are adorable on a person, but in an effort to avoid traumatizing my 2 year old son I will not make him model them.  LOL

The girls picked out the fabric combinations.  I think they did a great job of mixing and matching to make these fun!

I probably won't be posting many more Christmas gift photos.  Many of those gifts are for family members that read this blog.  It kinda ruins the surprise if they see it here first :)

Christmas Gifts

I've had the sewing bug lately, so I've been working on lots of Christmas gifts.  Here are the items I've made in the last week.

Toddler Drawstring Backpacks
I recently whipped up a few backpacks for my son & for gifts.  I used the How to Sew A Drawstring Backpack Tutorial from Prudent Baby.  It's very quick and easy.  My son loves his monkey backpack:

All except 1 of these are going to be Christmas gifts:

Toddler Purse
I used this Toddler Purse Tutorial from Getting Crafty.  This is a VERY quick and easy project, so give it a try!

The other items I have in the works right now include little girl aprons & a purse and accessory set.

Alien rag quilt

I recently made this for my nephew's birthday:

A rag quilt made out of alien flannels & stripes.  Very cute and easy to make!  If you'd like to try your hand at one of these then check out THIS tutorial.

Still here

I am still here.  Life has been busy and I just haven't had much time to post.  I have made a few baby items that I'll be sharing soon.

I had only started learning to sew when pregnant with my first child.  I didn't really make much for him, aside from a few receiving blankets & burp cloths.  Now that my sewing and knitting skills have increased, I plan on making quite a few things for our next baby.

Please feel free to comment with any baby item tutorials/links/patterns to give me some fresh ideas.  Thanks!

Tiny stuff

In March we will be welcoming a new baby into our family.  A bit of surprise, but our son will become a big brother.  Here are some tiny gender neutral (we don't plan on finding out gender) things I've been working on...

3 itty bitty knit hats using the Perfect Fit Baby Hat pattern.  (And even a crocheted flower to add to 1 of the hats if we have a girl.)

I-Spy Fabric Swap FINISHED!

Swap 1 was mailed out on time and hopefully everyone (in the US) has already received their package.  Swap 2 was a bit delayed, but are in the mail!

Hannah's Purse

Using the Beginner's Bias Tape Bag tutorial from Prudent Baby, I made this purse.

I scaled down the pattern to 75% of the original size - perfect for my little sister Hannah who's turning 2 next month!

Received: I-Spy Squares

Now just waiting on one package for swap 1 and four packages for swap 2.

Received: LOTS more I-Spy squares

I received TEN packages in the mail today.  I'm sure my mailman wonders what is going on!

Unfortunately, 1 package was damaged in transit and half of the contents lost.  The swapper and I are working to replace them in time to meet the swap deadlines.  That problem aside, this experience has been lots of fun.  There are so many sweet ladies in this swap!!!

I am now just waiting on 4 packages for swap 1 and 6 packages for swap 2.  So close to being able to package everything up and sent out to the participants!

Received: more I-Spy squares

As of today, I have 10 packages for swap 1 and 7 packages for swap 2.  Getting close!

Received: more I-Spy squares

I've received more of the I-Spy squares in the mail recently.

Received: I-Spy Squares

When I returned from my trip to see family, I had 4 swap packages just waiting to be opened!

I-Spy Squares

I can't wait to start receiving packages from the other participants to see what fabrics they chose.  This swap has been a lot of fun so far!

I-Spy Fabric Swap


After making my first quilt, I am in love. I especially adore I-Spy quilts, so I've decided to host an I-Spy fabric swap here on my blog!
What is an I-Spy Quilt? A quilt made with fabric that has neat prints, especially fun for children to play I-Spy.  There are many other cute things you can make with I-Spy fabric squares, like I-Spy Blocks and an I-Spy Book.

Where did I get the idea? Well, I missed out on a swap over at one of my favorite blogs: Obsessively Stitching. Then was directed to a swap over at Ken+Tris. After participating in her swap and finishing my first quilt, I just knew I wanted to make more of these fun quilts!

So here goes...the 1st 20 people who email me or comment on this blog will be able to participate. Please forward this on to any friends you have who may be interested. MAKE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!!
THE BASICS: *Have 200 I-Spy squares in the mail to me by AUGUST 15th (plus a self addressed return envelope, stamped). 

*Get 200 I-Spy sq…