Thursday, March 4, 2010

Month of Repurposing

EDIT- Month of Repurposing is on hold.  I'm changing this to a month of bag making.
For March I will be doing a month of repurposing.  What is repurposing?  Simply put, it is the practice of reusing items for any purpose rather than throwing it away.  It means finding a new use for used things.  For me it means finding towels, sheets, curtains, etc. from thrift stores and using the fabric to create other things.  It's a great way to keep old items out of the landfill!

Yesterday, I stopped at ARC (thrift store) and found some great sheets.  Most of them were only $2.50.  A few were twin size, but most were queen size.  My favorite print is the red one on top.  I can't wait to use it!

Today I used one of the sheets to make a bag.  I made a few mistakes and ended up wasting a portion of the sheet.  Even so, I think the twin size sheet would make atleast 5 tote bags.  That's about 50 cents per bag! 

Month of repurposing bag making project 2: Reusable shopping bag

This one isn't perfect as it was my first try.  I plan on making several more and will post a tutorial when I get a chance.

Want to know more about repurposing or to try it for yourself?  Check out these links...
Grocery Totes (VERY NEAT way to re-use plastic bags to create sturdy totes)
Sweater Mittens (Turn an old sweater into mittens)
Tank Top Totes (Turn old tank tops into tote bags)
Upholstered Bench (made from an ugly coffee table)
Some fun ideas for repurposing items around your house
And these are just the tip of the iceberg.  Search for "repurposing" on your favorite online search engine for even more ideas!


Jenn said...

You are BRILLIANT!!! And you're right, the red sheet set is gorgeous! I wonder why somebody got rid of them?