Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crayon Rolls

I was asked by a family member to make some crayon rolls for Christmas gifts.  Here they are:

I used the Crayon Roll Tutorial from Skip To My Lou.  These are pretty quick and easy to make.  I did change the closure type.  If you want to make one of these for a younger child, try this:
STOP at the point in the tutorial where you are placing the ribbon in between the outer & inner pieces of fabric.  You'll need-
5" tall x 10" wide piece of fabric
1" x 2" hook & loop tape (commonly referred to as Velcro)
Take the fabric & fold in one short end by 1/4".  Then fold the fabric in half lengthwise & iron.  Open and fold raw ends in to center & iron.  Then fold in half again.  You will now have a strap that is 1.25" tall x 9.75" long.  Pin this where the tutorial instructs you to pin the ribbon with the raw end where you'd place the fold of the ribbon.  (I prefer the seam facing down).  Follow the rest of the tutorial.  Sew the hook tape on near the end of the strap - you'll sew it on the side of the strap that is facing up when the roll is open.  (You can use a small zig zag around the whole piece or I prefer to use pinking shears when cutting the hook & loop tape and then use a small straight stitch to attach)  Then fill the roll with crayons, roll it up and see where the hook tape falls on the strap.  Mark the edges so that you'll know where to place the loop tape.  Sew on the loop tape.  You're done!


Mama Lusco said...

Great idea for gifts!

April said...

i am scouring the internet trying to understand this whole attach the velcro thing. I might be a bit too fussy but here is my question. So you will have the fuzzy velcro piece on the tab of fabric that wraps around the whole thing when rolled up, and you will have the rough piece of velcro on the roll up itself. When you sew that rough piece on, aren't you sewing through all layers and then sort of, well, losing a slot for a crayon? I just can't wrap my head around how to sew that piece on without going through all layers. Any advice?

Stephanie said...

Hi April! Both pieces of velcro go on the closure tab that you use in place of the ribbon. One piece is near the roll itself (as seen in the pic) the other pieces is on the end of the tab away from the roll (can't be seen in the pic b/c it's facing the roll). I'll try to take some pics and add them.

April said...

oh my gosh! Now that you point that out, I totally see it! Brilliant! thank you thank you thank you!