Friday, February 26, 2010

Cross stitch

Month of gift making project 10: Cross stitch design for my mom
I rarely cross stitch.  I actually started this project a few years ago.  With a new baby and moving it got tucked away in my crafts bin.  I'm glad to finally finish it up and give it to her for her birthday in July.

Sneak peek:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tote bag

Month of gift making project 9: Tote bag for ME!  My birthday is coming up very soon and I've been needing a bag like this.  I used this great TUTORIAL to make the tote bag.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tutorial: Monkey applique

Month of gift making project 8 (AND TUTORIAL): Monkey applique t-shirt for my son's 2nd birthday!

Here's the finished product:

Here's the tutorial:
Gather your materials -
T-shirt (or make your own)
Monkey clipart (I found mine here)
Brown scraps of fabric & thread to match
Tan scraps of fabric &  thread to match
Pellon Wonder-Under scraps (or any other brand of lightweight fusible web)
Pellon lightweight fusible interfacing scrap (or any other brand)
Permanent fabric marker OR embroidery thread
and of course scissors, a pencil, and a sewing machine if you want to stitch around your applique

1)  Pre-wash the t-shirt and the fabric to be used for the applique.

2)  Looking at the t-shirt, decide roughly what size you'd like the monkey face to be.

3)  If you're artistic, draw a monkey face.  If you're like me, find some monkey clipart online.  If you need to resize it then copy and paste the graphic into MS Word.  Right click on the graphic.  Select Show Picture Toolbar.  Click on the Format Picture icon.  Click on the Size tab and adjust the size.  Print out graphic.

4)  Now is a good time to make sure that you like the size of the graphic. Place it on the t-shirt to make sure you like how it looks.

5)  Cut out a piece of Wonder-Under as large as the entire monkey head.  Place it (PAPER SIDE UP, rough side down) on top of the monkey graphic.  Trace around the outer edge of the head and trace the facial features. 

6) Iron this piece onto the tan piece of fabric.

7) Trace the parts of the head you want to be brown ( the outer parts of the ears and upper part of the head).

You could probably trace around all the brown part and make it one piece.  I thought it would be difficult to cut out, so I cut the pieces out separately.

8)  Iron these pieces on to the brown fabric.

9)  Now that the Wonder-Under is ironed to the fabric, cut out all pieces along the trace lines.  Here is what you'll have:

10)  Peel the paper backing off of the BROWN PIECES OF FABRIC only.  Place the brown ears and then the brown top of the head onto the tan piece of fabric.  Iron.

11)  Hold the monkey head up to a window so that you can see the tracings for the facial features.  With a permanent fabric pen draw the eyes, nose, mouth.

If you would prefer, you can draw the facial features on lightly with a pencil and then go back and embroider them.

12)  Peel the paper backing off of the tan piece of fabric.  Place the monkey head on top of  the t-shirt.  Use a ruler if needed to center.  Iron.

13) Optional- Iron a piece of the lightweight fusible interfacing (slightly larger than your graphic) on the inside of the shirt under the applique image.  This adds stability to the knit fabric.  Stitch around the monkey head to further secure the pieces.

Stitch VERY slowly and don't get too close to the edge of the fabric.

14) You're done!

For more tips and trips for simple machine applique go here.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Julie's purse

Month of gift making project 7: Purse for my friend, Julie

Frayed fabric flower detail (tutorial here)

Inside of purse

Adult and toddler purse together

Monday, February 15, 2010

Matteson's Purse

Month of gift making project 6: Toddler purse for my friend's daughter, Matteson

Inside of the purse with hand embroidered name (I need more practice at that!)

Sneak peek of the fabric I'll be using to make a similar style purse for Mattie's mama...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tutorial: Pacifier clip

Super QUICK and EASY paci clip tutorial

#1 - Gather your materials:
* Piece of fabric atleast 3" x 8".  This is a great way to use up scrap fabric.  (Can be longer than 8" if you'd prefer a longer strap.)
* Scrap piece of ribbon atleast 5" that coordinates with the fabric.
* A clip
* Thread to match fabric
Here are the clips I used, you can buy them various places but I found these at Wal-mart.

#2 - Prep your materials
* Cut fabric to 3" x 8"  (OR - I usually cut to 4" x 8" because I like the thickness it gives the strap)
* Cut ribbon to 5"
* Cut fabric near clip to remove it

#3 - Prepare the strap
* Fold short ends of fabric in 1/4" or less & press with iron.  (This is to hide the raw edges)

* If you cut the width to 3" then fold the long ends of the fabric in 1/2" on each edge OR if you cut the width to 4" then fold the long ends into where they meet in the middle.  Press with iron.  (3" width shown here)
* Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and press with iron.

*  Fold ribbon in half and sandwich between the layers of fabric on one end of the strap.  Make sure that 1/2" or so of each end of the ribbon is inside the fold so that it will be very secure once sewn.  Pin to ensure ribbon does not move.

* Insert pins along the strap so that the fabric won't shift during sewing.

#4 - Begin sewing
* Sew around entire outside edge of the strap. Sew close to the edge, but make sure to sew through all layers of fabric!  Sew back & forth a couple of times over the area with the ribbon to secure it.

* Next you'll attach the clip.  Insert the end opposite the ribbon into the clip.  Fold over about 1" or so (enough to be able sew next to the clip).  Pin to keep the fabric from shifting when you sew.  Near the end of the folded end, sew back and forth a few times to secure.

That's it!

A few disclaimers...
1) My child never really used a pacifier so I am not an expert on the best strap length for a paci clip.  I looked at clips sold online and used that as a general guideline for length.
2) There may be better ways to make these clips.  This is just the way I prefer to make them.
3) If you have any questions or see anything that needs to be revised please just leave a comment.
4) This clip was made to be used with a Soothie type pacifier.  If you have a regular pacifier, you can change the end with the ribbon to something else.  For example, you could leave off the ribbon and instead use velcro.

SUGGESTION: I made several of these for my step-mom to use.  She said she likes these clips but the ribbon seems to wear out and fray quickly.  Instead of ribbon, try thin cording or similar material for a more durable pacifier clip.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Paci clips

Month of gift making project 5: It's a surprise for someone with an April birthday.  You'll just have to wait to see :)

I whipped up these cute little paci clips tonight.  SO easy!  Sometime this weekend I'll try to post a tutorial on how to make these easy and cute little gifts.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Birdie Rag Quilt

Month of gift making project 4: Birdie rag quilt for an adorable little girl who'll be ONE in a few months (where has the time gone???)

Inspiration for this project came from this Wrap Them in Love Rag Quilt Tutorial.).  After seeing that I knew I just had to try my hand at a making rag quilt!  The other day I found the perfect fabric for this project at Mill Outlet Fabric Shop (my local fabric store).  I LOVE that place!

This type of quilt is made by piecing together squares with the seam facing up.  Then you clip the seams so that it looks like fringe.  After washing and drying the quilt, the fringe unravels and frays and gets messy.  So, without further ado...

Before washing & drying

After washing & drying

I LOVE this fabric and am tempted to make one of these for myself!

Snake stuffed animal

Month of gift making project 3 1/2: snake stuffed animal (to go with the Animal ABC fabric book for my brother Bradyn)

This was a quick and easy project made a little easier with help from this Make a Snake Tutorial.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Animal ABC Fabric Book

Month of gift making project 3 - Animal ABC Fabric Book for one of my brothers

(Date embroidery: I know it's not March yet, but his birthday is in March)

I like the quirky animals and fun colors. Time permitting, I would like to make a softie that matches one of the characters in the book.