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Mama Made Them wooden toy review

I normally don't review products on here, but these wooden toys are so cool that I wanted to share...

Wooden toys from Mama Made Themon Etsy-
We purchased these through a group buy (at a discount) as Christmas gifts for the boys. These are such good quality that I would definitely be willing to pay full price for them.  These toys are big fun for little hands & creative minds!

Bath toys - both boys have lots of fun with these in the bathtub. Good bye plastic bath toys, hello durable wooden toys!

Playground - my oldest LOVES this. The merry-go-round is so cool as is the swing.

Fire truck, bulldozer & flatbed truck - I love that the ladder comes off of the firetruck. The flatbed truck is just awesome.

Gas & Go Set - this one is awesome because it comes with 3 vehicles & lots of wooden people. All around fun.

Not pictured - teething keys. Baby Z really enjoys the sound these make & of course chewing on them.

My oldest son says his favorite toy is the firetruck. He th…

241 Tote

I normally try to find free tutorials/patterns online for the bags I make. However... once I saw the 241 Tote over at Noodlehead I knew it was a pattern I'd like to buy. Apparently I'm not the only one since I've seen many of these online. I used white linen & Modern Meadow fabric by Joel Dewberry for this project. I absolutely LOVE this fabric & have had it tucked away for a little while now. I knew it would be perfect for this project.

Here is my finished bag...

And the interior...

This pattern is written tutorial style (plenty of explanations for each step & lots of photos).  It was super quick & easy - I made the purse in 1 day. I really enjoyed using this pattern & have already cut out the pieces for 3 more! A few notes - this was my first time using linen and I really liked it for the outer pockets & strap. Also, I used lightweight interfacing on the lining pieces, strap & all pockets. I used fusible fleece for the outer pieces. I think th…

Wooden toys & more

Here are a few more simple wooden toys my husband and I have made for the boys...
Lacing shoe, dragon, robot & spaceship

The dragon is entirely my husband's creation - isn't it amazing!

I also wanted to share the last few Christmas gifts that I couldn't post before...
I made 2 of these fabric baskets for my husband (tutorial)

The finished Across the Sea Quilt for my sister (quilt along) -

2 more finished quilts

I am not going to have time to finish all of the quilts I've started/planned for this year.... just not enough time in the day. Here are the last 2 quilts I will be working on as gifts:

For my cousin's son (twin size I-spy quilt)-

I made my own pattern for this quilt. It uses disappearing nine patch & sashing, so it's pretty simple. Hopefully I can find my notes and share it one of these days.

And for my mom (lap size Color Brick quilt)-

Wooden toys

My husband recently bought a scroll saw. I don't know much about them, but apparently they can be used to make some pretty awesome stuff (see here, here & here for a few examples). We have some big plans for the scroll saw! Here are our first two super simple projects - the letter A & a giraffe teether...

They each still need to be sanded down a bit more & finished. I found some really useful info about painting & finishing natural wooden toys that I want to try. We would like to make more wooden animals, a few animal puzzles and maybe even tackle a few neat toys.

Quilting update

I have been pretty busy with the boys, but have had a little time lately to sew and knit. Here is the front of my most recent quilt:

And the back:

Crib size (tutorial here) for my youngest sister, Hannah

And here are 3 quilts that will be finished once I hand sew on the binding to the back of the quilt...

Cherry Blossom Lane Quilt

Here is my most recently completed quilt... Cherry Blossom Lane


Fabric used:
Front and piecing on the back - "Milly" from Erin Ries
Solid back - Robert Kaufman's Quilter's Linen in crimson (This stuff is great and I'd LOVE to have it in every color)

I normally don't buy fabric all from one line to use on a project, but I wanted to keep it simple this time and I found it all on sale! At 60" square this is my largest quilt so far & I used free motion quilting for the first time. I love how it turned out and can't wait to snuggle up with it in the cool fall weather that's right around the corner!

In the works right now...
* I've made all of the blocks for the Across the Sea Quilt Along. Next week we'll be sewing them together and adding the border.
* I have the quilt front & back completed for the twin size I-spy quilt I'm making for my cousin's son. I just need to get it sandwiched, pinned and of course quilted.

Quilts, quilts and more quilts

Sorry I've been M.I.A. lately again. I've been pretty busy with these 2 little cuties...

and even with some sewing!

Actually, I’ve been quilting up a storm lately. Within in the last month I have completed 2 crib size I-spy quilts, have pieced half of a twin size I-spy quilt (I plan on sharing my pattern for this!) and am currently quilting a lap size quilt. Plus, I am going to participate in the Across the Sea quilt-along. I'm really excited about it since it will be my first quilt-along! Head on over and join in the fun, too...

All of these projects have/will use up a lot of my scrap fabric. I have lots of small to medium size pieces of fabric that I LOVE that are leftovers from other projects. It’s nice to put them to good use in these quilts.
And while typing this, I came up with an idea for twin size quilts for some of my siblings. I am hoping to do these for Christmas or birthdays next year. It seems I've become a little quilt crazed!
On to the pictures... Here i…

Recent projects

I know I've been MIA from my blog, but I have been working on a few sewing projects.  My free time is very limited and it takes FOREVER to finish anything.  Here are my recent projects:

Baby gift set

Another diaper bag with a divider and lots of pockets inside (tutorial HERE) & matching changing pad for myself


Tote bag for a charity auction (larger version of THIS bag)

Car organizer (a mix between these tutorials HERE & HERE) - I made this for my husband for Father's Day (the fabric says Best Dad Ever).  He loves it.  I'm thinking of making another for myself with more feminine fabric.  This is SUPER HANDY!

Tote bag (tutorial HERE) - after making 2 diaper bags for myself, it turns out that I prefer using just a large tote bag instead.  Go figure... LOL.
I've completed a few other totes, but forgot to photograph them.  I am now working on some small gifts for the kids for Christmas.  Quick and easy, which is about all I have time for these days.

I'm back, baby!

I've been M.I.A. lately... tending to our new baby boy.  I'm so glad I was able to sew up most of the birthday gifts I'll need for the year before the baby was born.  About 2 weeks ago my sewing machine {finally} got to see the light of day.  I'm not going to lie, finding time to sew isn't easy.  I have, however, completed a few of the many projects on my list.  I'll try to post pics as I get the time.

To keep me motivated, I'm making a list of projects I would like to complete this year:
Finish another diaper bag for myself
Jamie Dress for myself (wish I could have participated in this sew-along)
Large car playmat for my oldest son
Matching Christmas PJ's for my husband and sons
2 pair of felted sock monkey slippers for family/friends
Christmas gift set for my mom's friend
Apron for my mom

And here's a picture of the little cutie keeping me busy and away from sewing these days...

Sewing & knitting for baby

Not much time left... just finishing up a few little baby items...

A changing pad to coordinate with the diaper bag I made-

Thermal knit blankets with binding-


A few more embellished burp cloths-

Teething doll

Baby chalice blanket (pattern)-

Sweet little knit hats (patterns here & here )-

And a little pair of no scratch mittens (pattern)-

If the baby doesn't come soon, I'm sure I'll find another baby project (or two) to pass the time.