Monday, January 3, 2011

Plans for the New Year

Happy New Year!

I have so many crafting plans/ideas/goals for 2011.  Here is a little list of what I'd like to accomplish this year:
* Finish my Silvia Sling & make a matching wallet DONE
* Make a baby gift set from some neutral fabrics
* Finish knitting a sweater for my little boy (I am pattern tester for this) DONE
* Finish knitting a pair of socks DONE
* Knit another pair of Felted Sock Monkey Slippers
* Sew a few cloth diapers for our baby due in a few months
Embellish prefolds for our baby due in a few months DONE
* Participate in a Sew-Along or two ONE DONE
* Make a few I-Spy Quilts for the little ones in my family
* Decide if I want to make a gender neutral quilt for our baby now, or try to find the time to make one in a fabric I truly love once the baby is born DONE
* Make some bibs for the baby once he/she is older
* Make some of these awesome Travel Duffles as gifts (and maybe even some matching luggage tags)
* Make all homemade birthday presents this year DONE WITH ALL OF THE GIFTS FOR THE GIRLS, WOMEN & LITTLE BOYS
* Make all homemade Christmas presents this year
* Create a tutorial or two for this blog
I'm sure I'll come up with MUCH more as the year progresses.

Of course, it will probably help if I spend less time perusing craft blogs & Etsy and spend more time actually sewing & knitting!