Monday, January 10, 2011

Sylvia Sling & a wallet

My latest projects: a SYLVIA SLING & a coordinating LONG WALLET

This set is for ME.  I love the overall size of the purse, but would prefer the interior pockets to be a bit taller.  The wallet is perfect for my use featuring 6 card slots, 3 full width pockets and a large zippered pouch.  I can't wait to use these!!!

The patterns...
* The purse pattern was mostly easy to follow.  However, the thickness of fabrics made it a little tough to sew in spots.  I had a difficult time getting the gusset lined up just right & the handles were a bit of a chore to get on properly.  Overall a good pattern, but not for the beginner seamstress.
* The wallet pattern is VERY easy to follow & could be made by a beginner.  This wallet sews up quickly & has a very nice finished look.  I will definitely be making more of these!!!


Kristen said...

hint hint, I want one ;) just different colors :) (blue and purples would be great) I love ya Steph see ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!