Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Playing catch up - Cabrio Tote Sew-Along

I've spent so much time knitting lately that my sewing projects have been gathering dust.  So... yesterday I spent some much needed time at my cutting table & sewing machine.  I finished up 3 gift sets for my midwife and her assistants.  Now I'm working on finishing the Cabrio Tote Sew-Along.

Steps 7-8: Finish outer shell & make pockets (tote #1)
Finish outer shell and make pockets (Steps 7-8)

Steps 9-10: Magnetic clasp & finish lining
Magnet Clasp and Finish Lining (Steps 9-10)  This piece looks better in real life - I forgot to straighten out the fabric & pocket before I took the photo.
...and done!
Steps 12-14: Finish the tote (tote #1)
Finish the Tote (Steps 12-14)- - - - - - - - March 2- 8 


Kelly Rachel said...

You have done brilliantly. That owl fabric is very unique - I've never seen it before. It's cool!

denohasi said...

hi, i just post this page on my FB, thankyou for great inspiring blog :)

denoh asih