Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sewing & knitting for baby

Not much time left... just finishing up a few little baby items...

A changing pad to coordinate with the diaper bag I made-

Thermal knit blankets with binding-


A few more embellished burp cloths-

Teething doll

Baby chalice blanket (pattern)-

Sweet little knit hats (patterns here & here )-

And a little pair of no scratch mittens (pattern)-

If the baby doesn't come soon, I'm sure I'll find another baby project (or two) to pass the time.


skiingmama said...

I am searching for ideas on making a teething doll for my baby. I found your bolg and like yours. And your other baby items!

What kind of fabric did you use? Is there a way to attache wooden rings that could be removed for washing? Or do you wash your rings with the doll and they are okay?